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Along with Medical Passions (the site you are on now), the sites listed below all focus on connecting single doctors and single nurses and really anyone in the medical profession with others who are interested in dating healthcare workers (i.e. doctors, nurses, dentists, physician's assistants, EMTs, etc.). The sites listed below range from those focused on medical profession dating to others focused on chat with medical professionals. The primary goal is to connect people though. Each site, regardless of the company running it, shares many of the same characteristics as many of the other sites. So, if you are looking for a great dating site focused on single doctors, nurses, or others... then there are MANY here to choose from, so look around to find the one that seems like the best fit for you.


Doctor Dating

Meet and Date Single Doctors
If you want to date a doctor, stop eating apples. Seriously though, there are a lot of dating sites for members of the medical profession and this site is aimed at connecting doctors with those interested in dating doctors. Hint, the name of the site kind of gives it away.

Nurse Uniform Mate

Meet Single Nurses In your Area Today!
Are you a male or female nurse looking to date? Are you attracted to male or female nurses? In either case, 'Nurse Uniform Mate' has been designed to help connect you with other singles.

Doctor Uniform Mate

Find Single Doctors Near You to Date!
If you like the look of a physician in scrubs or in his (or her) white coat, then why not join a dating site build to connect physicians with those interested in them?

Nurse Dating

Find A Date With Nurse Dating!
Nurse Dating is designed to introduce members with nurses who are looking for love, or at least nurses who are looking to date. If you are looking for single nurses in your local area, Nurse Dating may be your site.

Single Doctors Dating

Meet Single Doctors
Single Doctors Dating is exactly what it sound like. If you are a doctor looking for a great online dating site, or you are single and interested in dating a physician, this could be the site for you.

Uniform Chat City

Connect With Singles In Uniform
If you like chatting with singles in uniform, then you have chosen the right site. The members of Uniform Chat City are nurses and doctors and the list goes on.


Single Nurses Dating

Find Local Nurses To Date
If you're a single nurse or someone who wants to date Single Nurses Dating is designed to help you connect with nurses both near and far. At Single Nurses Dating you can find either male nurses or female nurses searching for dates and more.

Doctor Dating Service

Find Romance at Doctor Dating Service
Join Doctor Dating Service and Discover Caring, Loving Single Doctors Who are Looking for Romance, Dates and Love!

Nurse Chat City

Chat With Nurses Today
Join and chat about anything and everything related to nursing, or if you would prefer, chat about everything BUT nursing. The goal is to connect members whether they are nurses or those interested in nurses.

Find Single Doctors

Search 1000s Of Doctors Now
Since physicians have limited time, it only makes sense for them to use online dating sites to find others. The most common alternative is to date others in the hospital. If you are in the medical profession or you are interested in dating someone who is, Find Single Doctors may be the site for you.

Dating For Nurses

Find a Date at Dating for Nurses!
If you think your job has you busy and wears you down, then you don't know what it is like for nurses. If you are a nurse, or someone who loves what nurses do for a living, then Dating For Nurses is a great way to connect.


911 Emergency Dating Professionals

Dating For Emergency Medical Professionals
If you are drawn to uniformed medical professionals, the following can be found here: Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Police, Paramedics, Fire crews, Surgeons, Emergency Services, Teachers, Men in Uniform, Women in Uniform, Firemen and more.

Miss Doctor
Find Female Doctors Looking To Date Now
Miss Doctor was created in 2017, in collaboration with a team of female physicians. Understanding the unique dating challenges of high-achieving women such as doctors and doctors-in-training through personal experiences and experiences of friends and loved ones.

Just Doctors Dating
Meet And Date Single Doctors
If you are looking for single doctors in your local area, then Just Doctors Dating is designed to help connect you and local, single physicians interested in dating.


*Sites listed on this page are a combination of ads, affiliate related Sites and general non-partnership related sites that match the theme of Medical Passions.